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Current Measurement Module

Current measurement module may be used for monitoring both quiescent (sleep current) and operating current consumption of automotive electronic control units.

  • The Measurement range starts in the range of microamperes with a resolution of 125nA and goes up to 190A.
  • Continuous currents of 100A at passive cooling, 160A with strong active cooling
  • Short Current peaks of 300A are allowed.
  • The measurement range is subdivided into 7 sub-ranges. By means of fast electronic switches the module selects the appropriate measurement sub-range, depending on the actual current consumption of the device under test.
  • Voltage drop is limited to approx. 1V for only a few microseconds when current steps occur from several uA to 100A.
  • The operation voltage of the electronic devices under test may be up to 150VDC. Thus, application is possible for 12V, 24V and 42V vehicle electrical systems both in test systems and in real cars.

The Current Measurement Module (CMM) is available in the following two variants:

Measurement range 1 µA – 190 A 1 µA – 190 A
Internal sample rate 40 kSPS/s 125 kSPS/s
Interfaces for configuration and data acquisition
CAN (HS and FD)
Measurement data streaming up to 1 kSPS/s via CAN up to125 kSPS/s via Ethernet
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