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get to know more about our background and the history of the company

our history

The IRS Systementwicklung GmbH emerged in 1998 from the “Ingenieurbüro Reinhard Schiegl”, which was already founded in 1991. The owner-proprietorship developed into a medium-sized company.

Today we develop very special solutions, especially in the hardware area. In addition to the engineering area, a manufacturing department has emerged that also builds what the engineers plan, whereby our solutions are becoming more and more complex. It is no longer just the individual components that are planned, developed and programmed by us, it is entire test systems that we plan and build as a general contractor.


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Quality Management

We guarantee consistently structured process steps for all our tasks and operations. This is certified by the following DIN norms:

Our certifications are verified regularly to ensure that a high quality standard can be achieved continuously.



We try to promote the regional area through cultural and social projects with a variety of commitments and have been a partner of the Pledge 1% community since 2017.

A large component of our social commitment is the encouragement of understanding and enthusiasm for technology among children and young people. We also support educational initiatives and are networking with local authorities, schools and universities.

Every employee is free to use a certain proportion of his or her working time for charitable purposes. Last year, we contributed several hundred hours of work to local communities as a result.

If we apply the quote “Man does not live by bread alone!” to the business sector, it should probably read “A company does not live by profit alone”. For this reason, we donate at least 1% of our profits to charitable causes every year.

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