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FSB – Fault Simulation Box

Fault Simulation Box

A standard Fault Simulation Box (6HU) enables to simulate short circuits up to 30A between signals. Alternatively, measuring systems e.g  IRS current measurement module or additional loads can be switched into the signal path. Furthermore, we offer a High Power Fault Simulation Box (3HU), which is designed for 80A and 8 channels.

Standard Fault Simulation Box mainframe can hold up to 10 FSB cards. This box is controlled via a galvanically isolated RS232 interface. A CAN and Ethernet interface will be provided in the future.

Currently, we offer two types of cards: 30A 8ch and 2A 32ch card. Following diagram shows the functionality:



  • 6 HU
  • 80A fault bus on back planee
  • 10 coded slots
  • galvanically isolated RS232 interface
  • USB to RS232 transformer
  • up to 8 mainframes can be triggered over the same RS232 interface

FSB3 30A 8 channel:

  • 8 channel (with sense connector)
  • 30A
  • 16 pattern
  • 3 isolated open-collector trigger

FSB3 2A 32 channel:

  • 32 channel (with sense connector)
  • 2A
  • 16 pattern
  • 3 isolated open-collector trigger

High Power FSB Box:

  • 3 HE
  • 8 Kanäle
  • 80A


  • short to  GND/Vcc
  • short between signals
  • current measurement
  • contact interruption
  • power matrix


  • C DLL to involve .NET, LabVIEW, TestStand
  • simple GUI for testing

FSB Software GUI

Michael Rost

+49 9484 9500 19

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