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cRIO OPIF 20MBit/s

cRIO OPIF 20MBit/s

Compact-RIO Optical Interface module for fiber communication 2x 2-fold 5 or 20MBit/s.

Fibre optical interface module for Compact-RIO with the following features:

  • Wavelength 820nm
  • 2 Transmitters
  • 2 Receivers
  • Example SW in LabVIEW

Selectable data rates:

  • >0…20MBit/s (no static signaling)
  • 0…5 Mbit/s

Selectable connectors:

  • SC
  • FC
  • ST
  • SMA

Field of application of this module:

  • Data communication via fibre
  • Optical isolated data acquisition
  • Synchronisation of Compact-RIO chassis
Michael Rost

+49 9484 9500 19

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