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Electronic control units for automotive applications require extensive validation to make sure that the device will work properly for years under harsh environmental conditions. During validation, inputs and outputs of the device under test (DUT) have to be stimulated and operation has to be monitored continuously. IRS provides lifetime test systems to simulate all components of the car. Our system communicates with the DUT and monitors all relevant signals for development and validation process.

  • Simulation of real load condition
  • Diagnosis via CAN (FD), LIN, FlexRay
  • Independent run of several DUTs in parallel
  • Continuous monitoring of all signals
  • Standardized hardware and software platform
Use Cases

IRS lifetime testers are applied in various projects for automotive electronic control units.

  • E-Mobility (inverters, battery chargers, battery management, power distribution)
  • Powertrain (engine controllers, traction control units etc.)
  • Body controllers, door control modules, light control etc.
  • Sensors, Infotainment etc.

Furthermore, railway with the identical hardware and software platform applications have been implemented.

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