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Software Activation

Activation Form

Our software must be activated with valid license key so that it is fully functioning .

Please enter your computer name, license key and machine id below to generate an activation key.

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For this activation method you need a PC which is connected to the internet.

1. Choose Online in the activation dialog.

2. Take a note of the Machine ID displayed in the dialog.

3. Open the web form for software activation.

4. Submit the Machine ID, your License Key and a Computer Name of your choice through the form. If all entries are valid you will instantly receive an Activation Code.

5. Enter the Activation Code on the machine you want to activate and click Activate.

For this activation method you need a smartphone with internet access and a QR Code App of your choice.

1. Choose Offline (QR) in the activation dialog.

2. Enter your License Key and a Computer Name.

3. Generate a QR code by clicking Generate Code and scan this code with your QR Code App. This process will activate the software and open a website on which you can see your Activation Code.

4. Enter the Activation Code on the machine you want to activate and click Activate.

We don’t want to collect personal or environmental data about your software activation. Therefore we kindly ask you to provide a computer name of your choice when activating our software (e.g „IRS-LT156“). This value helps us to identify your activation in case you want to deactivate the software and use it on another machine.

In most cases you can find your license key on your invoice. Please contact us if you have problems finding your license key.

Please send us an email with a request to reset your activation. Please include your license key and the computer name you specified when first activating the software (if available).

Of course you have to uninstall the software on the old machine before starting the reset process because our licenses are always bound to specific machines.

Please note that this is a manual process and can therefore take up to 2 business days.

Please contact your IRS representative or fill out our contact form.

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