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Positioning and Power Tests

Inductive charging systems may be a very convenient and sophisticated version to charge the batteries of electrical vehicles. The charging electronic in the car must be placed quite exactly over the ground pad module in the parking lot. This position has a large impact on the efficiency factor and requires communication between car and ground pad module in order to assist and move the car into the correct place and establish a proper coupling. Furthermore, inductive charging may be a hazard to animals or heat metallic parts in the environment. Such interference must be detected by the charging system.

Thus, inductive charging systems must not only be tested on electrical parameters, but also on positioning and detection of intruding material or animals. IRS developed and built a complete solution for system test of both ground pad and car-module, including variable placement of the car-module or foreign material with a robot.

Key Facts

  • Power tests up to 40kW
  • Positioning tests in mm accuracy with 7 axis positioning
  • Object detection tests
  • Test at variable and different temperatures
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