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DC-Link-Capacitor Validation

Capacitors are a very common component in every electronic device. For application in electrical vehicles more and more capacitors are used for buffering DC-links in power electronics like inverters, DC/DC-converters, chargers etc. These devices typically draw periodically high peak currents from the DC-link resulting in high stress of the buffer capacitors.

To validate capacitors at such specific stress situations, IRS has developed and built a lifetime tester for capacitors. The lifetime tester applies – besides temperature – both a realistic DC-voltage and an AC-current profile at the same time during long term tests. The main parameters are monitored continuously during this stress phase over hours and days. Measurement data is stored in intervals and deviations from expected behavior are logged immediately.

After specified intervals, the stress is stopped, and capacitor parameters are measured precisely with LCR-meter and a leakage current meter.

Key Facts

  • Stress tests up to 10ARMS continuous and 20ARMS for short time.
  • Flexible current profiles selectable.
  • Sine, triangular and rectangular waveforms at different currents.
  • Precision characterization with LCR meter and leakage current measurement every few hours.
  • Including temperature chamber to simulate stress under environmental conditions.
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