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Test of electronic control units - inverter, battery management, chargers, power distribution units and more..

The main components of electrical and hybrid vehicles are the electrical motor and the battery. Furthermore, inverters convert the DC voltage of the battery into AC currents for the motor. Battery chargers convert the AC voltage from the grid to the DC voltage of the battery, DCDC-converters shift energy between LV and HV battery and power distribution units make sure, that all components including additional loads may be safely connected in the car.

These components have to be tested, and IRS provides solutions for both production, validation in lifetime- or electrical tests. Challenges in e-mobility applications are:

  • Voltages up to 1000V or even 1500V in the future
  • Currents up to 1000A continuous or several kiloamps peak
  • Safety requirements for hazard-free operation
  • Careful EMC design because of chopped high voltages

IRS has profound experience in designing safe and reliable systems for covering these voltage and current ranges, including handling of the functional safety of such systems.

Key Facts

Solutions for

  • Inverters
  • Battery stacks
  • HV Battery chargers (via cable or wireless)
  • HV Power distribution and fuse boxes
  • HV Battery management systems
Use Cases
  • Lifetime validation
  • Series Production, Sample production
  • Validation according to GS95024, VW80000, LV124, LV148, LV123
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